Snore Guard in Edgartown, MA

If you snore, then it’s likely that you’re causing a lot of distress to your partner. Individuals who snore are also at a higher risk for heart disease and daytime dysfunction. There are no cures for snoring, as it’s not a disease in itself. Instead, snoring is a condition that points to an underlying problem.

There are various ways of managing the problem of snoring. On the list of interventions are snore guards, also known as snoring mouth guards or mandibular advancement devices (MADs).

What Causes Snoring?

The snoring sound you hear is the result of air moving through restricted airways. When you’re asleep, your airways may become blocked as a result of one or more factors. Particular risk factors can make a person more susceptible to snoring. They include being overweight, nasal problems, overindulgence in alcohol, and genetic predisposition to obstructive sleep apnea. Men are also more likely to be snorers than women.

How the Snore Guard Works

Snore guards work by holding the tongue in a better position while you sleep, thus keeping your airways open. During your consultation, our dentist will investigate the root cause of your snoring problem and determine whether a snore guard will work for you. Mandibular advancement devices don’t work for every type of snoring but are highly effective for ‘tongue-based’ snoring.

While snore guards are available over the counter, it’s best to opt for a custom appliance. Custom snore guards offer a better fit and enhanced comfort.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

If you’re currently battling with the problem of snoring or sleep apnea, our dentist will examine you to check for any apparent signs that may be contributing to your problem. Such signs include severe teeth misalignment and narrow airways. If you show worrisome symptoms that require specialized care, our dentist will refer you to a sleep specialist.

If the sleep specialist determines that getting a custom snore guard would be in your best interest, our dentist will create a mold of your teeth. This mold forms the creation of a custom snore guard that will keep your airways open at night and help prevent snoring.

Say goodbye to interrupted sleep and hello to restful nights. Get a custom snore mouth guard at Edgartown Dental Group today. Contact us to book a consultation.

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