Low Radiation Dental X-rays in Edgartown, MA

Edgartown Dental Group is a leading dental practice that is committed to offering excellent preventive and restorative dental care. Because of this commitment, we have invested in modern and cutting-edge dental technology to increase patient comfort and satisfaction. Specifically, we have adopted the use of low radiation dental x-rays, also known as digital x-rays.

Digital radiography offers numerous benefits to our practice and our patients. In particular, digital x-rays expose patients to significantly less radiation compared to conventional x-rays. Processing times are also faster, and this benefit is passed on to the patient, resulting in faster treatment times.

When Do You Require Dental X-Rays?

You don’t always require dental x-rays during your dental appointments. However, there are instances when our dentist may determine that it is necessary. Such instances include:

  • During a complete oral evaluation/during your first dental appointment at our practice
  • Before you start orthodontic treatment
  • Before root canal therapy
  • Before extraction of impacted teeth
  • When you require dental restorations such as dental implants, bridges, and dentures

If you don’t have any apparent dental problems, you don’t require dental x-rays and can go for three to five years before updating your dental records with a fresh set of x-rays.

What to Expect

As a leading dental practice, we strive to ensure that all our patients are comfortable and relaxed during their time with us. Every dental appointment begins with a comprehensive consultation. During this consultative session, our dentist seeks to evaluate and understand your needs as well as your expectations.

If it’s determined that you need dental x-rays, our dentist will prepare you for the same. Preparation involves briefing you on the type of x-rays required as well as the procedure involved. There are different types of dental x-rays, including bitewing, periapical, and panoramic. Our dentist will decide which x-ray to take depending on the aspects we’re interested in viewing or investigating.

For low radiation dental x-rays, we use a digital sensor to capture images of your oral cavity. Low-radiation digital dental x-rays offer enhanced precision and accuracy and can be easily shared with other treatment partners, where this is necessary. They can also be viewed instantly on a computer screen, which allows the patient to have an unobstructed look into the state of their oral health.

Contact Edgartown Dental Group if you’re looking for a dental practice that puts the comfort and well-being of the patient first.

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