Complete Oral Exams in Edgartown, MA

If you’re visiting Edgartown Dental Group for the first time, our dentist will perform a thorough dental evaluation that is referred to as a complete oral examination. Complete oral exams are diagnostic assessments that allow dental professionals to gather comprehensive data and information regarding the oral well-being of a patient. Besides your first visit, you’ll also need complete oral exams every three to five years.

Depending on the outcome of the comprehensive oral exams, our dentist may start you on any necessary restoration treatments or offer preventive measures such as teeth cleaning and fluoride treatments.

What’s Involved?

During your complete oral exam, our dentist will be seeking to create a baseline for your dental health. As such, we will be checking for:

  • Missed, decayed or damaged teeth
  • State or condition of your dental restorations, including dental crowns, fillings, dentures, etc.
  • Cavities
  • Precancerous conditions that may be indicative of oral cancer/oral screening
  • Bite problems including the misalignment of teeth, teeth grinding or bruxism issues
  • Any signs showing temporomandibular joint disorders

Besides visual and tactile inspection, our dentist also relies on dental x-rays to get in-depth insights into your dental health. We utilize low radiation dental x-rays to guarantee your safety and well-being.

Our dentist will also be keen to understand your medical history. Your overall and oral health are interlinked, and as such, we would like to know if you have any chronic ailments, allergies, or ongoing treatments.

Getting Ready for Your Complete Oral Exam

Complete oral exams may sound intimidating, but we want to assure you that they are far from it. Here at Edgartown Dental Group, our patients’ comfort is our priority. We seek to ensure that all our patients feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed during their time with us.

You can prepare for your complete oral examination by requesting a transfer of records from your previous dentist, where this is possible. Remember to make a list of medications or treatments that you’re on, as our dentist will ask about these.

Complete oral evaluations are integral to dental care and oral well-being and allow dentists to catch dental problems before they escalate into complex issues. Patients who are about to undergo full mouth reconstruction must get complete oral evaluations as well.

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