Dental Extraction in Edgartown, MA

Are you wondering whether your painful or loose tooth is a sign that it’s time for a dental extraction near you, but want to learn more ahead of the procedure? If so, we hope you’ll find the following information helpful to learn more about tooth extractions near you from Edgartown Dental Group.

Most Common Reasons for A Tooth Extraction Near You

Although it will require a dental exam from our Edgartown, MA dentist to determine the reason that your smile might benefit from tooth extraction, some of the most common reasons for treatment are:

  • A tooth that has become so damaged from decay or trauma that it cannot be restored with other treatments
  • A tooth that has become loose from an impact event or medical condition (such as cancer or periodontal disease)
  • A tooth that is creating an over-crowding concern from an orthodontic perspective
  • A tooth – such as a wisdom tooth – that has become trapped in the gums (otherwise known as an impacted tooth)

Depending on the reason for your tooth extraction in Edgartown, MA, our dentist near you will use what’s known as either simple tooth extraction or surgical tooth extraction (most commonly reserved for the extraction of wisdom teeth).

It’s the goal of our dentist to help every patient retain their natural teeth for as long as possible, so a tooth extraction will only be recommended when the procedure is necessary to either improve the appearance of your smile or improve the health of it.

Whichever technique is used, you’ll receive aftercare instructions specific to your extraction. In most cases, patients who undergo a simple extraction can return to their normal activities immediately afterward. A surgical extraction will require more recovery time, but you’ll know in advance and will be able to prepare accordingly.

Make an Appointment Now to Learn More

Remember, our goal at Edgartown Dental Group is to help you maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible. Making an appointment today using our convenient online booking tool can answer any questions you have about the need for tooth extraction near you.

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