Cosmetic Dentistry in Edgartown, MA

If you’re unsatisfied with your teeth’s appearance due to damage, staining, or how they grew in, then cosmetic dentistry can help you change them. However, cosmetic dental procedures are sometimes crucial for saving a tooth, as well as improving its appearance.

Cosmetic Procedures that Save Teeth

Although the purpose of cosmetic dental procedures is to improve the appearance of your teeth, our dentists at Edgartown Dental Group sometimes use certain procedures to save damaged teeth. Crowns, dental bonding, and inlays or onlays are three procedures that our dentists in Edgartown can use for repairing broken, badly cracked or decayed teeth.

Salvaging Teeth with Crowns

Crowns can save teeth that sustain damage from trauma or tooth decay. If a tooth cracks or breaks, one of our dentists at Edgartown Dental Group can use dental cement to glue it together. However, to fully protect the tooth, our dentists near you in Edgartown will usually recommend covering it with a crown.

The crown will prevent any future damage to the tooth from chewing food or teeth grinding due to stress. Although dental cement is very strong, the chewing forces of teeth can cause further damage that leads to losing the tooth. Instead, the crown keeps all pressure off the tooth by completely covering it.

How Dental Bonding Can Save Teeth

Chewing on hard food or getting hit in the mouth while playing sports will sometimes cause tooth loss. However, in these types of cases, our dentists at Edgartown Dental Group can use dental bonding to glue the tooth back together. Whether the tooth cracks and splits or a piece breaks off, the dental cement is strong enough to hold most teeth together.

Inlays and Onlays to Prevent Further Damage

Dental inlays and onlays can save teeth by preventing further damage to them. While our dentists in Edgartown use inlays and onlays to fill the cavities in teeth because they match the color of them, they can also prevent further erosion from decay.

By covering tooth decay, these fillings prevent further bacteria from entering the tooth and infecting it, saving you from the pain and saving your tooth from extraction. These three procedures not only provide you with great looking teeth, but they can also ensure you keep those teeth and your smile on your face.

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