How Does a Night Guard Help with TMJ Syndrome?

How Does a Night Guard Help with TMJ Syndrome?

Aug 01, 2022

TMJ syndrome is a painful disorder that usually occurs due to swelling and irritation of the joints. Several factors, including jaw misalignment, may cause it. TMJ syndrome is characterized by headaches, stiff neck and shoulders, and pain when the mouth opens.

Although there are many solutions to TMJ syndrome, night guards are probably one of the most widely used treatment options. Most other TMJ syndrome treatment options only target the pain caused by the syndrome. However, a night guard addresses the root problem of the syndrome.

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Why a Teeth Night Guard?

Typically, patients suffering from sleep apnea have a condition known as bruxism. It is the grinding and clenching of teeth at night during sleep. This condition puts pressure on the TMJ, making it painful due to the tightening of the muscle spasms that control the movement of the jaw.

The dentist recommends a night guard worn at night to eliminate this problem. It prevents grinding and clenching of teeth. A night guard is an affordable solution that contains the syndrome and prevents it from worsening.

Once you start putting on a night guard, you immediately feel the pain relief. Although the pain does not go away within several days, it subsides as the sufferer continues wearing it.

How a Night Guard for Teeth Helps with TMJ Syndrome

When you wear a night guard, it forces the jaws into the correct position and prevents teeth from clenching. Immediately, you start wearing a night guard, morning headaches, and other pain caused by teeth grinding. The night guard also prevents clenching. Teeth clenching usually causes stress on the TMJ leading to pain.

You can find nightguards available over the counter, designed to fit most people’s mouths, even though you can have your night guard designed and created by your dentist, thanks to 3D imaging technology.

Custom-made night guards are very effective since they hold the jaw at an optimal position, relieving strain on nearby muscles and bone. Night guards ensure the jaws are relaxed and give the user better sleep with minimal turns.

Types of Dental Night Guards

Since there are several varieties of night guards, your dentist should help you choose the best one depending on your mouth and dental pain.

  • Soft guards –

    Soft Guards are made of soft plastic and are flexible. The mold inside the mouth takes the shape of your teeth. They have a short lifespan.

  • Hard guards –

    Hard guards are made from hard acrylic material since they curb intense grinding habits. They are shaped to fit your teeth and are long-lasting due to the solid material.

  • Dual guards –

    Dual Guards combine soft and hard parts. The soft part protects around the teeth, while the hard acrylic part protects against severe grinding and jaw clenching.

Side Effects of Teeth Nightguards

Nightguards have no side effects. You may take several days before getting used to the nightguards. You need to wear the guards consistently to get impressive results. It effectively treats TMJ syndrome, wearing enamel, and tooth sensitivity.


If pain related to your TMJ syndrome arises from teeth grinding or clenching and stress, a nightguard is what you need. It helps mitigate the effects of TMJ syndrome at a reasonably low cost. Combining a night guard with jaw strengthening and stretching exercises is advisable to enhance effectiveness.

Lastly, nightguards alone will not give you perfect results. To get incredible results when treating your TMJ syndrome with nightguards, employ other techniques. You can combine the nightguards with stress management therapies or orthodontic procedures to realign your jaw or straighten your teeth. Ensure you work closely with a TMJ specialist to develop an ideal treatment plan and eliminate the need to wear a night guard in the future.

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