Dental Implants: The Top Tier Solution to Replacing Missing Teeth 

Dental Implants: The Top Tier Solution to Replacing Missing Teeth 

Mar 01, 2021

Having missing teeth shouldn’t dampen your spirit. Dentistry has come a long, and there are now solutions to almost every dental problem. You can even get a tailor-made treatment to return your smile to its former glory. One of the replacement solutions that have stood the test of time is dental implants in Edgartown, MA.

Tooth loss can be devastating. Also, you will have to deal with a myriad of issues that arise from your tooth loss. For example, you might experience difficulties eating and speaking. Additionally, your appearance might change.

Your oral health is dependent on having a full set of healthy and functioning teeth. This is why you must seek restorative dentistry in Edgartown to ensure that your smile is restored promptly.

Why Do Dental Implants Stand Out?

Firstly, dental implants have been around since the 1960s. However, they have evolved so much and are much more efficient than ever before. A tooth implant is made from titanium, which is the same as what is used in orthopedics. Titanium is the perfect material since it can be used on everyone, including people with metal allergies. This material doesn’t cause toxicity or allergies when introduced into the body.

As all the other options aim to replace the tooth’s visible part (crown), the tooth implant aims to replace the whole tooth. In fact, the implant is an artificial root. It is a titanium rod, nearly the same size as a tooth root. Our dentist near you will surgically insert it into your jawbone.

The fact that implants replace the roots sets them miles ahead of the other options. This makes them a practical solution since they can replace a whole tooth. Dental implants are stable and can easily resolve the issues that arise when you have missing teeth. In fact, after a few months of it being inserted into the jawbone, it will fuse with the jawbone.

However, the titanium rod is incomplete without the artificial teeth attached to it. Therefore, you will need to select either dental crowns, bridges, or dentures to complete the restoration.

Can You Get Dental Implants?

Our dentist will have to check and see if you meet the minimum requirements, such as:

  • Age

Even though the procedure is not age-restricting, it doesn’t mean that anyone can get them. Since children and teenagers are still growing, they may not be considered for the treatment. The treatment is excellent for those whose bones have already developed.

  • Health

If you are in good health and there are no conditions that can hinder you from healing as you should, then you are good to go. Even more important, your bone health has to be considered. Whenever you lose your teeth, the underlying bone will start to deteriorate. This means that there might not be enough bone to support the implant.

If this is the case, you have to agree to additional procedures to ensure that the bone bulks up to provide the necessary anchorage. Also, your gum health has to be considered. Gums are part of the supportive structures that help keep the implant in place.

Dental implants might not be a good idea if you smoke and cannot commit to quitting for several months so that the treatment can be completed.

The Multifaceted Nature of Implants

  • They Can Replace a Single Tooth

When you are searching for a solution that can replace a single tooth from the root to the crown, an implant is your best bet. If you have lost several teeth that aren’t close to each other, several implants can resolve this problem. But for multiple missing teeth adjacent to each other, we may recommend another option.

  • They Can Replace Several Teeth

An implant-supported bridge is used to replace multiple missing teeth that are close to each other. This means that a bridge will be attached to the implants that are strategically placed on your jawbone.

  • They Can Replace All of Your Teeth

If you have undergone same-day tooth extraction near you and need to replace all of your teeth, implants can solve this problem. The All-On-4® dental implants in Edgartown, MA, can replace a full arch of teeth.

Whichever the case, dental implants can restore your smile. Contact us at Edgartown Dental Group for restorative dentistry in Edgartown.

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