Close the Gap to a More Beautiful Smile

Close the Gap to a More Beautiful Smile

Aug 01, 2020

Even though some celebrities have become famous despite their gap between teeth, not everyone feels comfortable with the spacing concern in their smile. If you or a family member has spacing concerns and are curious about treatment options to close the space between teeth, you’ll be pleased to read that there are options available from our dentist in Edgartown, MA. But before we explore those treatment options, let’s first take a closer look at the medical name for this spacing concern: diastema.

Diastema is a Spacing Concern

You may never refer to your teeth’s spacing issue as diastema, but it’s still helpful to understand the medical term. The diastema definition refers to the spacing between two teeth. And although treatment is not usually required from a medical or health perspective, our dentist near you can provide treatment from an aesthetic or cosmetic perspective.

One of the more common questions we hear at Edgartown Dental Group is “what causes spacing issues in the first place?” Although it’s impossible to answer that question specific to your condition, some of the most common reasons are explored below.

The Size of Teeth Can Play a Role

The fit of your jawbone and your teeth is designed by nature to be without gaps. When teeth are too small concerning the jaw’s size, this anatomical difference creates room for the teeth to move, making spacing issues. People with big teeth may not notice gaps as frequently as those with smaller teeth, but the condition can still appear due to a disproportion in the jaw’s arch length, also known as a dentoalveolar discrepancy.

Fortunately, most spacing issues of this type, especially spacing between the two front teeth, can easily be corrected through many treatment protocols such as braces for teeth gap, dental aligners, dental veneers, etc. Contact our dentist today to learn more about these therapies to treat gaps between teeth.

Gum Disease as a Contributor

Although the only visible signs of diastema are gaps between teeth, a few symptoms indicate gum disease, which can also play a role in missing or shifting teeth. These symptoms include red or swollen gums, bleeding gums, bad breath, receding gums, and more.

The surest way to halt gum disease is through preventive dental care. Besides brushing and flossing your teeth at home, visiting our dentist near you for professional cleaning will allow early detection and treatment of gum disease and potential tooth loss.

Temporary Diastema in Children

Certain habits in children such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting can lead to diastema since excess pressure is placed on the front teeth. Usually, the condition will correct itself when the baby teeth fall out and are replaced with adult teeth. Most dental professionals consider this to be a normal developmental stage that will self-correct. However, if you want to provide your child with the best chance for a gap-free adult smile, it’s recommended that proactive steps be taken sooner rather than later.

The Role of Veneers for Gap Control

If you are looking for a solution to gaps in your teeth or the teeth and don’t want to take on the multi-month treatment time of braces for teeth gap or aligner therapy for the gap between teeth, our dentist in Edgartown, MA has a perfect solution.
Dental veneers from Dr. Harris at Edgartown Dental Group are a popular choice for anyone in good dental health that wants to reap the benefits of a brighter, more even, and healthier looking smile. In addition to correcting spacing issues caused by diastema in adult teeth, veneers can be used to correct several cosmetic dentistry concerns such as chipped teeth, discolored teeth, overlapping teeth, and more.

A few of the many benefits of dental veneers that patients appreciate are that the procedure is quick and pain-free in addition to being natural-looking and durable. Plus, if you have grown attached to the gap between your two front teeth but would like to see it minimized in its appearance, dental veneers can be custom designed to your choice’s aesthetic appearance.

Your Goal is Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with a smile that is not only healthy but one that creates self-confidence too. We invite you to make an appointment to learn more about treatments for gaps between teeth today.

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