Things You Should Not Do Before Your Dental Appointment

Things You Should Not Do Before Your Dental Appointment

Apr 01, 2022

As one of the leading emergency dentists in Edgartown, MA, we know that not everyone has time to prepare for their dental appointments. Dr. Glenn Harris can diagnose and treat patients in every stage of their oral health, whether you’re an existing patient or a new one requiring emergency dentistry. We understand that patients may not know what they should avoid doing before their appointments. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

    • Drink Alcohol

It may seem like a no-brainer to many, but some patients use alcohol to calm their nerves. Dental anxiety is natural, but using alcohol to calm your nerves is not good. Another reason to avoid alcohol before a dental appointment is that it can negatively affect the different medications the dentist may have to use during your procedure.

    • Wear Makeup

Wearing too much makeup to an appointment can slow down the efficiency of your appointment. For example, when our dentist or his team has to navigate around heavily applied lipstick, it can impede the effectiveness of your treatment. In most cases, we’ll ask you to remove your lipstick before dental exams and cleanings. Also, there is a significant amount of water during most dental procedures, which results in the potential for water droplets to land on your cheeks, so wearing foundation, concealer, or blush is also not recommended.

    • Floss and Brush Too Hard

It’s natural to want clean teeth before visiting a dentist, but it’s important to remember that brushing and flossing too hard can have adverse effects. For example, if you floss more vigorously before your dental appointment than you usually do, you may experience sensitive or bleeding gums during your visit. That may not hamper your dental exam or cleaning, but it may cause unnecessary discomfort. It’s okay to brush or floss before your appointment, but remember to be gentle. If you have questions about the right amount of pressure to use when you brush or floss, we’re happy to provide a demonstration for you during your appointment.

    • Ignore Confirmation Reminders

Medical professionals use an appointment system to keep the dentist on time. When patients ignore appointment confirmation reminders, it creates uncertainty for the staff and can impede other patients’ appointment times. We know that schedules can often change, so we are always flexible with rescheduling, but we need to know in advance of your scheduled appointment time.

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