Guidelines on How to Handle a Dental Emergency While on The Road

Guidelines on How to Handle a Dental Emergency While on The Road

Nov 01, 2020

There is nothing quite as exciting as traveling to a new or foreign destination for some much-needed relaxation time. The thrill of getting away from your normal schedules and discovering a new place or enjoying different cuisine is an unmatched and exciting feeling.

It is easy to get carried away and overwhelmed during this time and forget to check on your dental health. The truth is that a dental emergency can occur at any given time, and this could be when you are enjoying your long-awaited vacation.

As exciting as it is, you should always be prepared to deal with a dental emergency if it unfolds while you are traveling abroad, or anywhere for that matter. You need to know beforehand where you can find an emergency walk-in dentist near you to help you deal with any dental issue that may arise while you are on vacation.

How to Prepare for a Dental Emergency While on Vacation

You might be wondering how you can stay ahead of any emerging dental issues while on a vacation. The answer is quite simple; you need to plan properly, take preventive measures, and anticipate that a dental emergency could occur at any given point and time of your vacation.

Here is a checklist to help you reduce the risk of facing dental health problems during your vacation:

  • Do Your Research Beforehand

  • Before embarking on your journey, you need to find an emergency dentist near you who can help you if an emergency dental issue arises. This means that you need to have the contact information of a reliable walk-in dentist and know where the emergency office is in proximity to where you will be staying.

    During a dental emergency, time is of the essence. Getting to the dentist quickly will ensure that you incur the least amount of pain and avoid permanent damage. With this in mind, you need to narrow down on a dentist who is easily accessible and delivers excellent emergency dental care.

  • See Our Dentist Before You Travel

  • This is one of the best ways to avoid a dental emergency during your journey. You should see our dentist before you travel as this will enable our dentist to analyze your dental health and deal with any issues that may cascade into a dental emergency while you are away.

  • Remember to Carry All the Necessary Oral Health Necessities

  • Always remember to pack all the things you will need to maintain your dental health. This may include a toothbrush or two, your dental floss, toothpaste, mouth wash, and an adhesive or orthodontic wax if necessary.

  • Have All Your Insurance Information with You

  • When traveling, do not forget to carry your insurance information with you at all times. You never know when you will need to use it, so you should have it on you always. Besides this, you should also have our dentist’s contact information to help you get some guidance during a dental emergency.

Some Dental Emergencies to Look Out For

Here are some common dental emergencies to look out for:

  • Toothache

  • A toothache can spoil your vacation. It is an indication of an underlying dental issue such as tooth decay or infection and may lead to orofacial pain. These dental issues may, at times, require you to undergo a same-day tooth extraction near you.

    Try and find out if the cause of the toothache is something you can solve, such as a lodged food particle. However, if the pain persists, visit our dentist near you for emergency dental care.

  • Knocked-out Teeth

  • This mainly occurs due to trauma. Losing a tooth is a time-sensitive dental emergency, and you should strive to get medical assistance while the tooth is still viable for reattachment.

    Pick up the tooth and rinse it out gently while avoiding touching the root. Try reinserting it into its socket. If it cannot stay in place, carry it to our dentist in a container of milk to keep it moist. You can also take a pain killer and apply a cold compress to reduce facial inflammation.

    We are here for you. If you are on vacation and need emergency dental care, contact our Martha’s Vineyard dentist at Edgartown Dental Group for prompt and excellent dental services.

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