Explore the Benefits of Dental Bridges

Explore the Benefits of Dental Bridges

Jun 15, 2021

Have you recently lost a tooth due to impact or had it removed by a dentist because it was no longer healthy? Do you wonder whether it needs to be replaced, and if so, whether or not a dental bridge procedure might be the right one? If so, the team at Edgartown Dental Group has some great news to share with you in this article.

We have many restorative tooth options here at Edgartown Dental Group, including dental bridges and dental implants, and we’d love to answer your questions. Suppose you’d like to schedule time for a consultation so you can ask questions specific to your goals for tooth replacement after you’ve read this article. In that case, we invite you to book an appointment using our convenient online booking tool.

Understanding How Dental Bridges Can Help

Living with a missing tooth may be difficult for you for a couple of reasons. First, the appearance of your smile is affected, which in turn can diminish your self-confidence. In addition, a missing tooth can create a change in your speaking pattern and ability to eat and enjoy certain foods. And last, when a tooth is missing and not replaced, your facial muscles that were once used to support the tooth will change, which results in a hollowed-out or aged appearance.

Fortunately, a dental bridge is one of the most popular ways of replacing one or more missing teeth. The procedure uses a natural-looking artificial tooth to fill the gap left by the missing natural tooth. This artificial tooth is supported by attachments to the adjacent natural teeth and bridges the gap that was once there. That’s why the procedure is known as a dental bridge.

Dental bridge procedures replace and restore more than one tooth. If you have two or three missing teeth next to each other, you’ll just need a longer bridge with three artificial teeth with the same type of support attached to your surrounding teeth.

When you’re searching for dental bridge dentistry near you, it’s important to choose a practice that offers a wide range of restorative options, such as Edgartown Dental Group. That way, you can learn about other procedures for smile makeovers in addition to a dental bridge.

Some Other Options to Consider for a Smile Makeover

Our goal is to help our patients achieve the smile of their dreams within the timeline and budget they have available to accomplish their goals. We will never force you into a procedure, but we will always provide you with complete information about every option available. We will also include information about limitations in certain procedures such as dental bridge problems in addition to their advantages.

And since this article is all about your smile satisfaction, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention some options you might not know about.

We briefly mentioned dental implants as an option to consider along with dental bridges, but you may be concerned that dental implants will require more time to complete. While it’s true that dental implants can require multiple months of treatment time, immediate dental implants from our dentist near you allow you to smile with confidence soon after losing a tooth. Make sure to ask us about this option, sometimes referred to as immediate load implants, during your consultation.

Also, if you’re missing almost all of your teeth, All-on-4 dental implants are a great alternative to dentures. When you choose All-on-4 dental implants, you will not need an implant for each of your missing teeth since more than one tooth can be supported from a single implant.

For teeth that are damaged but do not need to be replaced, a popular choice in smile makeovers is dental veneers. Veneers are most often used on front teeth to improve their appearance. For example, a stained tooth that doesn’t respond to professional whitening can be covered using a veneer. Likewise, a chipped tooth that is no longer aesthetically attractive can also be covered with a dental veneer. Dental veneers are often referred to as the workhorses in smile makeovers because of their versatility, so make sure to ask us about them during your consultation with Dr. Harris and his team.

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